Everflex Silicone 700

EVERFLEX SILICONE 700 is a cost effective low modulus, Neutral, oxime cure RTV silicone sealant that adheres to a wide range of both porous and non porous surfaces without the need for priming. SILICONE 700T is formulated to resist mould and bacterial attack and as a high viscosity grade to give excellent tooling properties.

Manufacturers: Everflex

Areas For Use

  • Perimeter pointing internally and externally around PVCu /wood and all other window frames.
  • Sealing and as an adhesive onto PVCu, plastic trims and components.
  • Suitable as an expansion joint sealant.
  • Weather sealing and joint sealing to pre-formed panels.
  • Sealing soft metals such as lead, copper and zinc.
  • General draughtproofing, including repair work over existing sealant.
  • Parapet and roof weather sealing applications.


  • Do not use in conjunction with bitumen asphalt, neoprene and certain organic elastomers.
  • Do not use in the manufacture of Aquariums. Use AQUA MATE
  • Do not use on substrates that bleed oil, solvents or plasticisers.
  • Non overpaintable. Use WEATHER MATE
  • Not suitable for bedding  I. G Units – Use Silicone 450

Health & Safety

Consult MSDS for full list of hazards


Store in original unopened containers between 15 and 30oC


  • Excellent adhesion – adheres to most common surfaces including glass, metals, plastics and wood
  • Low dirt pick up – important in PVCu  work
  • Excellent external weathering properties.
  • Suitable for use on polycarbonate.
  • Certified under the harmonized European standard EN15651 for façade, cold climate and sanitary applications in compliance with the Construction Product Regulation
Movement accommodation + or -12.5%
Skinning Time 5 – 20 mins.
Cure Time 2 mm per 24 hours
Hardness Shore A                20 approx
Shrinkage <20% ISO10563
Service Temperature Resistance -50°C to + 120°C
Application Temperature Resistance +5°C to + 40°C
Tensile Strength 1.5MPa
Specific Gravity 1.2-1.4
Cleaning Uncured sealant , white spirit,Cured sealant, EVERFLEX SILICONE EATER.
Joint Ratio 5mm
Viscosity (bfld, S70, 10rpm) 200,000 – 380,000 cps
Joint ratio Maximum depth   50% of joint width
Coverage 10 linear meters @ 9 x 9mm fillet joint
Elongation at break >300% ISO8339

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