Concrete Restoration and Protection


SAT KLEBEN is a two component product based in epoxy resins and hardeners, predosed inside the cartridge where they are mixed when the extrusion and applied by injection for fixing and quick and durable anchorages of rods, screws, steel bars, etc

Gem-Crete HF ST

Gem-Crete HF ST is a Polymer modified, highly flowable, heavy duty mortar topping for protection of new and restoration of deteriorated concrete and asphalt concrete decks and other areas exposed from medium to heavy traffic.


Rustproofing primer (slurry) for reinforcing steel in concrete. Fibre-Prime provides an excellent profiled surface, unlike smooth and non absorbent epoxy, allowing easy overhead or vertical application of repair mortar or shotcrete.

Fibre-Patch WP

Fibre- Patch WP solves active water leak age problems

Fibre-Patch Concrete Patching Mortar OV

Fibre Patch OV is a fast set material, formulated to allow thin to thick overhead and vertical surfaces applications. It is suitable for balconies, ceilings, water reservoirs, tunnels, manholes, foundations, walls, abutments and other concrete structures

Fibre Patch Grout ST

Fibre Patch Grout ST is used in grouting applications and in concrete and masonry repair. It is an excellent product for grouting anchors.

Adi-Con BA AC Super

Adi-Con BA AC Super modifier improves waterproofing, in- creases chemical resistance, allows thin section applications and slows down the carbonation of concrete and mortar.