Fibre-Patch WP

Fibre- Patch WP solves active water leak age problems


MANUFACTURER: Gemite  Products Inc.

Basic Use

Fibre- Patch WP solves active water leak age problems

Fibre- Patch WP is a blend of Portland and Calcium Aluminate cements, silica and special additives. This specially designed for mulational lows the product to obtain rapid set and high strength, while stop ping water flow.


Fibre- Patch WP is a fast set ting ma te rial. Under the normal conditions it must be applied within 5 minutes after mixing. Do not ap ply Fibre- Patch WP when the temperature is expected to be be low 4oC (40o temperatures be low 10oC (50oF), use warm water. Hot temperatures will speed up the set.

Health and Safety

Fibre- Patch WP is non- toxic and non- flammable. Your skin might be sensitive to cement. We recommend use of rubber gloves. Avoid con tact with skin. If con tact occurs, flush immediately with water. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs.

  • Stops active flow of wa ter
  • Very rapid, but regulated set
  • Superior workabil ity
  • Easy to apply & Economical
Fi nal Set (ASTM C191)
Less than 5 min utes
Com pres sive Strength (ASTM C109)
2 hours
5.5-7.5 MPa
800- 1100 psi
24 hours
19.3-20.6 MPa
2000- 3000 psielit.
1 day
31.0-33.1 MPa
4500- 4800 psi
28 days
37.9 MPa
5500 psi

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