Adi-Con BA AC Super

Adi-Con BA AC Super modifier improves waterproofing, in- creases chemical resistance, allows thin section applications and slows down the carbonation of concrete and mortar.

MANUFACTURER: Gemite Products Inc.

Basic Use

Adi-Con BA AC Super modifier improves waterproofing, in- creases chemical resistance, allows thin section applications and slows down the carbonation of concrete and mortar. Adi-Con BA AC Super modified mortar and concrete are suitable for traf- fic toppings, patching and as leveling courses. The crack resis- tance and bond strength of thin set mortars, stucco and terrazzo are considerably improved with the addition of Adi-Con BA AC Super. It provides very high strength when used as bonding slurry with sand and cement. Values over 3 MPa in direct tensile pull-off test can be achived

Composition and Materials

Adi-Con BA AC Super is an acrylic copolymer latex based modifier.


Do not apply Adi-Con BA AC Super modified mortar or concrete when the temperature is expected to be below 4oC (40o 48 hours, or when rain is imminent. Follow Hot Weather con-creting precautions at temperatures exceeding 25oC (77o under sunny and windy conditions. Protect from freezing. Do not overfinish the Adi-Con BA AC Super mortar and concrete and do not use steel trowel for finishing.


Current Guide Specification and Application Instructions con- tain additional information specific to each application and must be followed. Contact Gemite’s Technical Service for informa-tion specific to your application.

Surface Preparation

Remove all loose, delaminated and oil contaminated concrete. Clean the surface by shotblasting, scarifying or a high pressure waterblasting (min. 24 MPa or 3,500 psi) to remove laitance, form release agents, dust, dirt and efflorescence. Acid cleaning is not recommended.

Crack Treatment

Any existing cracks must be treated separately


Adi-Con BA AC Super modified mortar is easily mixed using a mortar mixer, or heavy duty drill (400-600 rpm) with a mixing paddle. Mix sand, cement and most of the water specified, before adding Adi-Con BA AC Super. Do not use air-entraining admixtures. Do not over mix to prevent high air content. Adjust the water to obtain the desirable consistency. Convey the mixed material to point of placement in clean, uncontaminated contain-ers.


Saturate the surface with water for a minimum of six (6) hours. Remove all standing water to achieve a saturated surface dry condition. Apply a thin coat of the Bonding Slurry and place the Repair Mortar into the wet slurry. Keep wet edge. Do not over trowel or over finish. Provide a broom finish.


Moist cure for 24 hours and air dry cure for additional 3 days. Protect against rapid evaporation, or plastic shrinkage cracking could occur.

Clean Up

All tools must be cleaned with water immediately after use. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Adi-Con BA AC Super is available worldwide. Contact Gemite Products Inc. for the name of the nearest Representative/ Dis-tributor and current pricing information.


None required.


A limited twelve (12) month Material Replacement Warranty is available. For details, contact Gemite’s head office.


For technical advice on suitability of Adi-Con BA AC Super for specific application, specification assistance and application ad- vice, contact Technical Service: USA (888) 443-6483 or Canada (905) 672-2020.


  • Reduces permeability
  • Reduces the water content in the mix
  • Improves bond strength to hardened concrete
  • Improves durability
  • Reduces drying shrinkage cracking
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Improves water tightness
  • Increases chemical resistance
  • Improves resistance to deicing salts
  • Reduces carbon dioxide transfer
  • Non-toxic



Residual Monomer

0.1 %max


1.03 kg/L (8.3 lbs/USG)



Standard for Latex Bonding Agent (ASTM C1059)

meets fully

Carbonation Resistance / Klopfer

Varies with mortar mix design: polymer content, water cement ra-tio and sand/cement. At p/c=0.1 and w/c=0.33 and sand/cement =2, 1 cm thick layer of the mortar is an equivalent of 1.1 m of concrete.

Cathodic Disbondement (CSA – Z245)

No disbondment

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